Our Methods

Celebrating 55 Years!

Fairlawn Village Preschool was founded by Rosemary Forman in 1962. Since that day, we have been committed to providing children's education to families from all walks of life. If you are looking for an affordable multicultural preschool in the Fairlawn, OH, area, keep reading to learn if we'll be a good fit.

Multicultural Preschool in Fairlawn and West Akron, OH

Our kids make the difference

At Fairlawn Village, we use Piaget's theory of comprehensive development to create our programs. The Piaget theory defines learning and cognitive development as a combination of biology and experience; as children grow and learn about the world around them, all that they see and do contributes to their education.

All our classes incorporate language arts, math, science, music, and art. We want to give your child a solid academic foundation, which is why we also offer supplemental classes such as Mom and Tots, dance class, and summer day camps.

We are recognized by a variety of local school districts, including:

  • Akron Public School
  • Copely-Fairlawn
  • Judy Resnick Elementary
  • Revere
  • St. Hilary's
  • The Elms

We also participate in several community outreach programs. The Pajama Program of Eastern Ohio provides pajamas and books to children who have been evacuated from their homes. The Have a Heart - Do Your Part change drive collects spare change that is donated to the Akron Children's Hospital. We also collect Easter holiday baskets for local churches.

If you want your child to attend a multicultural preschool in the Fairlawn and West Akron, OH, area, consider Fairlawn Village. Our half- and full-day classes are available for children ages 3 to 5. Call (330) 867-4915 to learn more or to schedule a visit.

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